This effort is coordinated by KZN Response, a network of faith-based organisations involved in Disaster Management and Response work, including CityHope Disaster Relief, Nation Changers, The Domino Foundation, South African Red Cross and Zoë Life. The group has coordinated on regional disasters over the past 6 months and have partnered once again during this pandemic.

Our goal is to distribute 500,000 Corona Care Packages, which will include sanitation items, food essentials and educational material on Covid-19. Each pack is designed to be distributed to one family of 4 people.

One Care Package is valued at R350 and Section 18A Certificates can be issued where required. For financial contributions please use the reference: Covid19/Name

To download the list of items that can be donated in kind, click on the button below:


Select one of three methods below.

The livelihoods of countless South Africans will be hit by Covid-19 and related shutdowns. We are calling on church leaders and all people of faith to:

  • Talk to business leaders and encourage acts of extreme generosity. This is not a time for putting profit first, this is a time to stretch ourselves to the maximum to protect our community as a whole.
  • Identify the economically vulnerable in your community and put in place a plan to practically support their needs over this time.
  • Proactively ensure gender justice and avoiding gender stereotyping and stigma in Covid19.

For More Information on the coordinated response, please visit: