Volunteer-powered Relief

“If you offer yourselves in compassion for the hungry and relieve those in misery, then your dawning light will rise in the darkness and your gloom will turn into noonday splendour!”

– Isaiah 58:10 TPT


We deliver disaster aid to communities and nations that have been directly affected by disaster situations irrespective of race, religion, culture, ethnicity or political affiliation.


CityHope (IT 1851/2006/PMB) is a Public Benefit Organization registered in South Africa, but serving the world. We respond to disaster situations through the provision of relief aid and disaster recovery. We respond to the needs of people impacted by the immediate devastation from either natural or man-made disasters (political or social unrest) by engaging and leveraging our volunteers, partner organizations, and local church groups to help those in desperate need.



Donovan is the Managing Director of Mr Price, a fashion retailer located in South Africa. He also has a personal ambition to put back more into this life, than what he takes out, a motto that he lives by. The child orphans of Africa are a cause for which he continually serves, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @donbaney111 to join him on this journey! As part of this personal ambition, he and his wife Hayley founded CityHope Disaster Relief.


Peter was born in 1971 in Durban, KZN. He was educated in his home town of Hillcrest and qualified with a BCom Degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of KZN, Durban in 1991.

He is an Entrepreneur by nature and began his first successful business while he was still at University. Since then he has run multiple businesses over the years, including furniture retailing, manufacturing, exporting as well as industrial property ownership & management amongst various others.

Over the past 15 years, Peter has been extensively involved with CityHill Church and the multiple entities that relate to CityHill. He has an administrative gift which he has effectively used to provide order and stability to a continually growing and evolving ministry. His skill set has extended beyond CityHill to assist other churches, organisations and individuals to best reach their potential.

He is married to Megan and they have three sons.


Ockie is the director of a media and design company based in Hillcrest called Classic Fusion Media. After matriculating in 2002, Ockie worked as a youth and children’s pastor for seven years while obtaining his degree in Theology through the University of South Africa.

He is a pioneer and entrepreneur, and this combined with his passion for media and technology lead him to oversee the digital media at CityHill Church, and later the start of the media company which he now leads. His heart for disaster relief was ignited when he was tasked to highlight the need of the Somali people in 2014 with the first response to Somalia, and soon after stepped onto the CityHope board.

He is married to Angela who has also been involved with CityHope Disaster Relief as a volunteer.


Catherine matriculated from St Mary’s DSG in Kloof in 2002 and went on to obtain her Degree in Industrial and Clinical Psychology at The University of Cape Town. After completing a year of service at Common Ground Church in Cape Town, Catherine returned to Durban and began her career with iCare, involved with the rehabilitation of Durban’s street children. Catherine then went on to spend the next decade managing the Durban branch of The Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa before she joined the CityHope team as the General Manager in September 2018. 
Catherine is married to Jeff and they have both a son and a daughter. She is also driven to make a lasting impact in the lives around her and is passionate about seeing positive change in the community. 


Phillip Kinder is a Chartered Management Accountant with 20 years experience in the fields of Banking, Finance, Forensic Accounting and Executive Consulting. He serves on the boards of various non-profit organisations, focused primarily in the areas of church growth, social development and poverty relief.


CityHope partners with businesses, organizations, church groups  and individuals who are able to facilitate the collection, storage and disbursement of relief aid and disaster management services.

By applying a comprehensive vetting process that oversees the registration of prospective partners, we ensure that the humanitarian aid gets to where it needs to go.

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