Flash Floods in Orlando

Orlando, Soweto | 10th of February 2020

On the 10th of February 2020, we were notified of flash floods that had affected people’s homes near the Orlando West Home Affairs. The water had reached around 60/70cm in height in people’s homes, destroying their appliances, furniture, belongings and so on.

How we helped

We set up a team to assist with the distribution of the disaster kits for the 11th of February but were told about violent protests that forced us to cancel the distribution. However, we asked that they contact us once the protests had been contained and it was safe enough to come through. We were then contacted on the 18th of February, about a week later, and asked to come through as the protests had ceased. The team was put together and sent out on the 19th of February and the kits were distributed.
The initial assessment of the disaster showed that 18 families had been affected, around 130 people in total. Once we arrived on site, we were told that the initial assessment had been over exaggerated, and the distribution ended up being to 15 families and 77 beneficiaries in total. There were no injuries or fatalities in the region we supported. But homes and belongings were left with water damage
The distribution was facilitated by Gabriela Stewart from Cornerstone Church in Bedfordview, who represents Sukuma Foundation.

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