Sea Cow Lake Fire Damage

Sea Cow Lake, Kwa-Zulu Natal | Thursday 25th July, 2019

On Thursday 25th July, the same day as the Pinetown Vendors fire, there was also a fire that ripped through the Sea Cow Lake Informal Settlement in the Durban region.

How we helped

CityHope received confirmed numbers from the local councilor and arranged for a distribution of relief aid to take place on Monday 29th July, where the team delivered 60 Hope Kits, packs of toothpaste, Unilever spices and additional Rise Against Hunger meals for the community members.

The CityHope team chatted with the victims of this devastating disaster and heard stories about how the working men and women were forced to drop their tools to run home and salvage what they could in the short time it took for the fire to spread through the entire community.  

The team was devastated to hear that Ntombi had lost everything to the flames twice in eight months as the previous fire had torn through her property in November 2018. 

Despite the solemn mood at the distribution site, the many children still happily carried on playing amidst the rubble by turning the empty boxes into toys and bringing joy where possible. 

The members living in the Sea Cow Lake Informal settlement have no services like running water or electricity. The local councilor offered to assist with replacing identity documents that had been lost in the flames.


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