Flood Response

South Coast, KZN

Umgababa Flood Response

CityHope swiftly responded to the urgent needs arising from a severe storm that struck the Umgababa area on April 16, 2024. This report outlines the impact of the storm, CityHope's intervention efforts, and the assistance provided to the affected households.
49 households, 203 Individuals Assisted
Status Of Response: Complete

The storm on April 16, 2024, caused extensive damage to the Umgababa area, affecting a total of 49 households. Among these households, most experienced partial damage to their properties, while six homes were completely destroyed. The storm’s aftermath left a significant number of individuals in dire need of assistance.

CityHope Intervention: Recognizing the urgent need for support, CityHope swiftly mobilized resources to provide aid to the affected residents. A comprehensive response plan was implemented to address the diverse needs of the impacted households. CityHope’s
primary objective was to ensure that essential assistance reached those most affected by the storm.

Assistance Provided: Through coordinated efforts, CityHope was able to provide aid to all 49 households impacted by the storm. A total of 203 individuals received support of food & hygiene packs, blankets, mattresses and household starter packs.

Conclusion: CityHope’s response to the storm damage in the Umgababa area exemplifies our commitment to serving communities in times of crisis. By swiftly mobilizing resources and coordinating relief efforts, CityHope was able to provide timely assistance to those most affected by the disaster. As recovery efforts continue, CityHope remains dedicated to supporting the ongoing needs of the Umgababa community and stands ready to provide further assistance as required.