Flood Response


Madagascar Cyclone & Flood Response

Cyclone Cheneso hit Madagascar on the northern coast from January 19th to the 23rd 2023, causing devastating damage to infrastructure such as houses and schools. The strong winds and heavy rainfall disrupted transportation by cutting off several national roads, making it difficult for people to get around. Tragically, the storm resulted in at least 138 fatalities and the destruction of hundreds of homes. Approximately 130,000 people have been displaced as a result.

90,870 people affected


We partnered with Mercy Ministries Madagascar to support 40 families with a month's worth of various aid items, which included food and hygiene products, water purifying tablets, seeds to plant, mosquito nets, and blankets. We are also provided financial aid, which was used to assist the people with transport, roof & house repair, solar lighting and more.  Most of the families were literally in survival mode with no access to any other help. Thanks to the packages they received, they were given access to clean water, food and basic health care. With the seeds they received, they were able to plant and harvest some crops. The distribution was done together with local churches, and Mercy Ministries Madagascar was able to share the Gospel with a practical demonstration of God’s love for the people. Several people among the beneficiaries made a decision to follow Christ.