Ukraine Refugee Response

The current Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. As a result of the war that ensued, millions of Ukrainians fled their homeland as refugees.


In response to this crisis, CityHope identified trusted NCMI partners that were accommodating Ukranian refugees during the first few weeks of their escape from Ukraine. We were able to transfer funding to assist with the wave of costs the teams were incurring from accommodating the hundreds of families that were flooding their refugee camps. One specific partner we partnered with was Orphan's Promise. Apart from serving at the border and providing basic supplies such as food, toiletries and basic hygiene products to the refugees at the train stations as they passed through, Orphan's Promise also set up and continues to finance small refugee centres. The first is a home for 20 refugees in 6 apartments, where they pay the rent (at preferential rates for Kraków) and provide food and expenses to the residents. The building is brand new and is located in Kraków. The second big project was the furnishing of a home for 34 refugees, which is also located in Kraków.