Famine & Drought


Somalia Famine & Drought Response

After a gradual recovery from the food insecurity and famine of 2011, Somalia’s food security is once again under threat. The situation is becoming dire in rural areas due to many seasons of too little rain and low river water levels. Crops have totally failed, employment opportunities in rural areas have dwindled, and there is a widespread shortage of water and pasture – with a consequent increase in livestock deaths. The local food price continues to rise while access to food is rapidly decreasing among the poor. Approximately 7.8 million Somalians cannot meet the recommended daily food requirement.

7.8 million people affected


Phase One
We are partnered with CAPRO – a non-denominational global Christian missionary movement of African origin who have started a Sustainable Farming (Farming God’s Way) project. This project helps to empower local Somalis to easily access food plants like vegetables, beans, and sorghum, with very limited resources, assisting them with overall nutrition and empowering them to manage disaster and drought themselves when there is no aid available. They are starting to establish small farms in homes, with each farm costing $100 to establish. With the help of our donors and partners, we sponsored 30 x household farms for 30 families.
Phase Two
CityHope will be providing food aid to individuals who have little to no access to food to sustain themselves and their families. We will be providing enough resources to support over 1000 individuals for at least a month. You can contribute to feeding one person for a month at a cost of R170.