KZN Floods

Between the 11th and 14th of April 2022, the KZN province of South Africa experienced extremely heavy rainfall which caused dangerous flooding and landslides. Hundreds of lives were lost, tens of thousands of people were displaced when their homes were destroyed and a massive amount of infrastructure around the province was severely damaged.

41412 People Assisted


Together we a number of NGOs, churches, partners, and sponsors, we have participated in 116 smaller responses and managed to help relieve the burden on 41412 of these displaced people. Each day, the number of people being assisted keeps growing. A huge thank you to all those who were and still are involved in this response. Together we truly can make a difference!

Some of our 116 KZN flood responses include:

Mariannridge Community Response

Ethekwini College Response

Pastor Thammy Mthetwa Partnership – Molweni

Umbumbulu Community Response

Pastor Clement Partnership – Kwandengezi

Clarendon House Response