CityHope Disaster Relief is a local Public Benefit organisation based in Hillcrest, impacting South Africa and the world. Cityhope responds to the immediate needs of people affected by disasters from natural or artificial causes (political or social unrest) by engaging and leveraging volunteers, partner organisations, and local church groups to help those in desperate need. Cityhope’s reach extends beyond South African borders, with responses in Malawi, Zambia, Somalia, Greece and South Sudan, to name a few.

On Thursday, 4 August, CityHope Disaster Relief was joined by a team of actors and producers from the eTV Scandal show who had it on their hearts to encourage and practically help members of communities still affected by the April 2022 floods.

They began their day at the Cityhope warehouse for a behind-the-scenes view of how the relief aid is sorted and packed into the well-known “Hope Kits”. The eTV Scandal team got “in the trenches” to help pack 200 Hope Kits that were later loaded onto vehicles ready for distribution in two nearby communities. Each Hope Kit consists of a 20L plastic bucket, often utilised in the communities for water and food storage, and is filled with various food and hygiene items.

St Leo’s Church in Molweni was the first stop where Pastor Thammy Mthethwa is currently caring for and accommodating 42 people in an open room on the Church premises. These families have shown immense resilience, combining resources to ensure everyone receives a daily meal. Bulk food items were delivered along with the Hope Kits, and each person received a blanket and a mattress. Play packs, donated by the Lego Foundation, were given to the children.

The members of the Molweni community were ecstatic, and the sound of delighted screams from the young fans poured out of the nearby classrooms as they had the opportunity to meet well-known and much-loved actors from one of their favourite TV shows.

Once CityHope and the Scandal team had encouraged and sung with the beneficiaries in Molweni, they continued to the kwaNdengezi community hall, where 28 displaced families still reside in dire conditions. These families also received Hope Kits, large maizemeal bags, blankets, and play packs for the children.

CityHope invites the public to link arms with them in helping to positively impact the many desperate individuals and families in our neighbouring communities.

“We will continue to strive to meet the needs of our fellow citizens who have been struck by sudden and unexpected disasters and aim to bring hope in these trying circumstances.”

  • Catherine Smith, General Manager.

For more information or to get involved, visit: www.cityhope.co.za or