Fire in Alexandra

Alexandra, Gauteng | 2nd of July 2020
On 2nd July a fire tore through Alexandra township in Gauteng, where 200 families watched their belongings go up in flames.
Thankfully there were no injuries or fatalities from this disaster, but their homes were completely destroyed and all their belongings burnt away. These families lost everything, right in the middle of winter.

How we helped

We are so grateful that CityHope, in partnership with The Sukuma Foundation, was able to respond within 24hrs with food, sanitation and blankets for these families. Team leader, Gabriela Stewart, and around 7 volunteers coordinated a response outreach today where they prayed and ministered to the victims while the hope kits were distributed. The victims were brought to tears with the generosity and kindness of the team. We are so grateful that we are able to be the hands and feet of Christ in these times.


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