Covid-19 Food Relief

South Africa | 26th March - 30th June 2020

CityHope Disaster Relief partnered with the KZN Response team to bring hope to many during the Covid-19 lockdown period in South Africa. The KZN Disaster Response Team is a network of faith-based organisations involved in Disaster Management and Response work, including CityHope Disaster Relief, The Domino Foundation, Nation Changers, South African Red Cross and Zoë Life. The group has coordinated on regional disasters since 2019 and partnered once again during this COVID-19 Biological Disaster to lead the relief work of the broader Churches Respond project.

How we helped

The response from churches, businesses, individuals, communities and partners was incredible over this time. Responsive, agile and hugely generous donors allowed the KZN Response Team to provide relief aid, in the form of hampers, to vulnerable families during this time. Through their generosity more than R6m was donated in cash and kind towards the response in two months. We wish to thank the public for partnering with us in this way.

For accountability and impact, please see the Distribution Map see who we have been able to help since 25th March 2020. 

During a period of three months, we distributed over 20,000 food parcels, which helped an estimated 80,000 individuals. The Relief Aid Hope Hampers valued at R350 per pack, included food essentials, hygiene items, educational material in a 20L Covid-19 branded bucket in isiZulu. Each pack was filled with assistance to nourish and care for one family of 4 individuals for a period of 21 days.

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