Fire Damage Masiphumelele

Sim Place, Effingham | Tuesday 4th June, 2019

On Tuesday 4th June 2019 there was a fire that spread through the informal settlement at Sim Place in Effingham, KZN. This resulted in 25 shacks being destroyed.

How we helped

Catherine contacted the local Cllr, Ashok Maharaj, and they planned to meet on Thursday 6th June to co-ordinate a distribution. With the assistance of Jono Accutt’s bakkie, we were able to transport the relief aid down to the site. Each household received a Hope Kit, a Clothing Box and an additional Blanket donated by Le Domaine Frail Care. The community was already hard at work in rebuilding the shacks and neighbors had rallied together to support where extra hands and expertise was needed.  

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