Ladysmith Storm Damage

Ladysmith, Kwa-Zulu Natal |Saturday 2nd February, 2019

Scores of families were left homeless and were evacuated to community halls following a devastating storm that wreaked havoc, displacing several families in Ladysmith on Saturday 2nd February 2019. Many houses were completely damaged while others had their roofs blown away by the gale force winds that accompanied the storm.
CityHope reached out to a local church to request their support in responding to the disaster. Ladysmith Fountain Christian Church, led by Victor and Nomkhosi Hlatshwayo, was delighted at the opportunity to work into their community by providing the much-needed support that they were seeking following the disaster.


Disaster Management Assessment

Victor actioned a team to go through the neighbourhood and assess the extent of the damage and they worked alongside the local Disaster Management team to compare the list of beneficiaries. There were 100 homes identified that had been affected by the storm in varying degrees of severity.

How we helped

The beneficiaries gathered at the nearby community hall to receive their relief aid. The Ladysmith Fountain Christian Church, along with the local councillors and Disaster Management Team worked through their lists and issued 1 Hope Kit per household. Additional donations of clothing were distributed on a needs basis to those that had been most severely affected by the storm. 100 Hope Kits in total were distributed to the community.

How many people benefited from the aid?

There were 100 households who benefited from the relief aid that was distributed in this community.

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