Greenwood Park, Durban North | Saturday 1st December, 2018

A 13-year-old disabled girl was burnt to death in a fire that destroyed more than 40 shacks at the Thandanani Informal settlement near Greenwood Park on Saturday 1st December 2018. The young girl was left unattended in a locked shack and was unable to escape the blaze that spread through her community.


Disaster Management Assessment

CityHope’s General Manager, Catherine Smith, along with her colleague, Sanele Gasa, met with the community leaders and assessed the damage the week following the disaster. The fire resulted in 50 shacks being destroyed, leaving over 100 displaced individuals. There was one fatality.

How we helped

The CityHope team had an opportunity to meet with family members of the deceased and were invited into their newly built home to pray with them. The following day the team returned with a group of volunteers and were able to distribute 50 Hope Kits along with various clothing items and linen.
Sanele took up an opportunity to pray for a lady who was experiencing pain in her feet and she was comforted by the Holy Spirit and experienced relief once the prayer had ended.

How many people benefited from the aid?

There were 50 households who benefited from the relief aid that was distributed in this community.

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