South Sudan Famine

Juba, South Sudan | October 2018

South Sudan currently faces a humanitarian disaster of unmitigated magnitude. A disaster that’s incomprehensible to those of us who take for granted necessities like food and shelter. CityHope Disaster Relief (CHDR) refused to let this disaster go unheeded.

How We Helped

A small team of five travelled to South Sudan with a 14 Tonne shipment of energy-rich FutureLife Cereal to distribute to scores of men, women and children who have been displaced by civil war and violence in the capital city, Juba. 
According to the UN, 2018 marks the toughest year on record with over 5 million people facing extreme hunger, especially in the north. This ongoing crisis follows several years of instability in the country’s food supply caused by war. It is thanks to CityHope who dares to go across African borders to offer food relief to desperate people in the worst affected areas. This was a perilous undertaking, operating in a largely lawless country that vies for the title of the most dangerous on earth.
The dedicated team included local Kloof Veterinarian, Dr Philip Rees; Founder of Image Insured, Megan Coleman and local Pastor Chim Onyebilanma. These brave volunteers were joined by representatives of CityHope’s key partner and funder, CBN South Africa based in Cape Town. The South African team met up with representatives of the local organisations ACROSS and CAPRO Missions who guided the distribution process.

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