Inanda Valley

Inanda, KZN | September 2017

In the township of Inanda Valley in KZN, word broke out that a small family’s home had been destroyed by a freak storm In September 2017. The roof of their home had been blown off by gale force winds, leaving the family destitute.

How We Helped

We sent our team leader, Sanele Gasa who when upon meeting the family was shaken by his discovery. A young boy aged 14 and his sister aged 7 were living together in the dilapidated home. Their mother had recently been diagnosed mentally ill and was receiving treatment in a hospital leaving them unsupervised, alone and very vulnerable. They were scared and traumatised. 
Moved to tears, Sanele rallied teams together who sought to ensure that the home was rebuilt; painted and refurnished in mock speed. 
To ensure long-term safety, we worked alongside the KZN Child Welfare and a guardian neighbour was sourced who moved in with the children and is taking care of them. We are happy to report that the two children are attending school again and have a comfortable home to live in once more!

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