Somalia| August 2017

In August 2017 a CityHope Disaster Relief response team travelled back to Mogadishu, Somalia to assist a local NGO by providing 14 tonnes of food relief to the starving communities.

How We Helped

Our teams arrived onsite and documented how war-torn the country was and that the state of living conditions for most Somalian’s was beyond our wildest comprehension. They came across hundreds of mothers desperately trying to find food sources for their malnourished and weakened children and it was heartbreaking yet humbling to be able to provide a measure of food relief to scores of families who queued up to receive the hampers of donated Futurelife Cereal. 
We will be keeping close contact with our affiliates in Mogadishu to ensure that our footprint in Somalia continues to make an impact on the lives of those who benefited not only from the donated food but by the prayers and hope for a better future. We hope to return to Somalia again and continue to pray into the lives of those we encountered whilst we were briefly there.

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