Knysna Fire Disaster

Knysna, Western Cape | June 2017
The entire country came to a standstill in June 2017 when we learnt of the widespread fire disaster that had engulfed much of the beautiful town of Knysna – June 2017. 
Over 500 homes had been burnt to the ground and families had been left with very little. A nationwide campaign thus started to assist and CityHope were there to do their part!

How We Helped

Networking with the Southern Gateway Church located in the Eden district of Knysna, CityHope rallied around and managed to source multiple donations of food, clothing, blankets and other materials from partners such as Mr Price, Pep Stores, The Futurelife Foundation, Sheet Street & Holster Shoes. 
The items were sorted, boxed and transported by our partner City Logistics who saw to it that the items were safely delivered to the community Distribution Centre in Knysna. Here, the items were given to bona fide victims who came in the hundreds.
We received many thank you’s from the community following the disaster, including those in the rural townships who received Hope Kits along with the other relief aid provided. Although these communities remained fairly unharmed, their income & livelihood had been indirectly affected by the disaster and they needed a level of support and assistance which we were happy to provide.

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