The Challenge

Having received 100 boxes of Doves Hygiene Wipes from their donor, Premier FMCG, newly appointed General Manager of Cityhope Disaster Relief, Lori Reardon and our team decided to call upon The Hillcrest Aids Centre to donate the wipes to both their Respite Unit as well as to their Granny Support Groups in outlying KZN communities.


Arriving at the Hillcrest Aids Centre on the 22nd March, Cityhope’s team were greeted by both nursing staff and patients who were both delighted and intrigued by the number of boxes arriving on their doorstep. Never had they seen so many blue packages before! Some of the children currently being cared for in the unit were openly excited about the unpacking of the boxes and seemed to love the spirit of giving in the process.The wipes donated by Premier FMCG were the perfect solution in providing a seemingly luxurious but all-too handy product for both staff and patient’s use alike. The wipes are made from 100% cotton wool which is soft, gentle and tender to the touch and ideal when it comes to caring for delicate skin especially for those in poor health.



While to the average consumer a pack of wet wipe towelettes is fairly inexpensive, when needed in volumes as a quick solution for cleaning one’s hands or changing a baby’s nappy, the cost soon escalates. The staff at The Hillcrest Aids Centre were therefore delighted by the generous donation and Cityhope were proud to be involved in ‘making the load a little lighter’, especially closer to home where those affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic is still so dire.